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All mediation services are available virtually or in person


Parenting plans

We can help mediate major and minor modifications to an existing parenting plan or help you and the other party craft one from scratch. Mediation can take place with or without being represented by an attorney


Division of Property

Division of assets, debts and personal or shared property can be mediated through our center. Mediation can take place with or without being represented by an attorney

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Whether your issues are unpaid rent, noise complaints, border disputes or personality clashes, we can help both parties come to a reasonable agreement with or without a written settlement as an outcome. Either party may contact to initiate mediation services.

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Neighborhood Disputes

Similar to landlord/tenant mediation, we can help both parties find an equitable solution to a variety of conflict topics. Neighborhood associations are welcome to call for a consultation.

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Workplace Conflict

No matter if you work in an office of three or 300, conflicts are bound to arise at some point. We can host two to four parties at our facilities or come to your workplace to help. These sessions can be requested by either an employee or supervisor.

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 Groups of up to 12 individuals work through difficult topics, changes to management or personnel clashes. Our staff will confidentially interview each member of the group and craft an agenda based on the feedback we receive. We recommend at least two sessions of 2 hours each. 

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