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Cost of Services

At the Community Mediation Center we believe that no one should be denied services because of an inability to pay. If you have questions or concerns about your specific situation or mediation in general, please call your local office for assistance.

 Longview Office     360-232-8622

 Centralia Office      360-623-8061

Type of Service                   Standard Fee                                       Length

Initial Phone Consultation                        No Cost                               One session up to 30 minutes

Parenting Plan                                   $195.00 per person                                     Two 2-hour sessions

Dissolution of Assets                         $195.00 per person                                     Two 2-hour sessions        

Landlord-Tenant (LEWIS)                  $155.00 per address                                    Two 2-hour sessions

Landlord-Tenant (COWLITZ)            Currently No Cost                                   One 90-minute session     

Workplace, neighborhood, etc.         $310.00 per case                                        Two 2-hour sessions

Facilitation or Training                       $75.00 initial fee &                      30-minute individual sessions                                                               $150.00 per person                     & one 2.5-hour group session

All fees are subject to change and may be adjusted depending on the complexity of the conflict and the number of parties involved in a dispute. Community Mediation Center can provide a quote for specific cases after an initial consultation. Participants usually pay an equal share of these fees, unless otherwise agreed or court ordered.

Cancellation Policy

If a session is cancelled less than 72 hours before mediation is scheduled to begin, the cancelling party does not receive a refund. A partial refund will be issued to the other party.

If a session is cancelled more than 72 hours before the scheduled mediation, a full refund minus $30.00 will be issued to each of the parties.    

Rescheduling Policy

If a rescheduling request is made 10 business days of less before the mediation is scheduled to be held, a $50.00 reschedule fee will be applied to the requesting party.

Reduced Fee Policy

An application for reduced fees is available to every client. Eligibility must be established through an application to establish the amount of reduction. In accordance with the RCW 7.75 Ability to pay mandate, clients with no available financial resources can receive services at no cost.

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